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Property in Spain

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Property in Spain

On the site you will find a whole range of real estate listings in Spain. The offers are created by a team of employees who are passionate and committed to their work.

We will help you at every stage of the purchase: from finding the right property, presenting the offers on the spot, booking process and providing all the formalities up to the after-sales service.

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Which location should I choose?

The most beautiful coastlines in Spain

Costa Blanca South

Costa Blanca South

Costa Blanca South

Costa Blanca, or the White Coast, is located in the beautiful Spanish region of Alicante.

Costa Blanca North

Costa Blanca North

Costa Blanca North

Costa Blanca Norte

Costa Calida (Murcia)

Costa Calida (Murcia)

Costa Calida (Murcia)

Costa Calida (Murcia)Costa Calida (Murcia)

Costa De Almeria

Costa De Almeria

Costa De Almeria

Costa de Almeria

Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol





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What is worth knowing about renting? FAQ


Is it possible to book an apartment / apartment without seeing it first?

Yes, of course, if the client does not want to risk that by his arrival a given property can be sold, it is possible to book in advance to our office account in the amount of min. EUR 6,000.

Is it possible to reserve a property without making an advance payment?

In order to reserve a property, you must pay the minimum required amount in advance. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a "on word" booking without leaving an advance payment.

Does the office help in translating documents?

Our office deals with the entire procedure, including the translation of notarial documents that are necessary to buy a property in Spain.

Do you help in completing the formalities?

We provide comprehensive customer service and help in completing all formalities, from the very beginning until the notarial deed is signed. In addition, we run an after-sales service, i.e. after the purchase, we help in all matters that the client will contact us with. Our help and care will last as long as you need it. Our CUSTOMERS are always welcome in our office.

Is it better to get a N.I.E. in Poland, or will we get this document faster in Spain?

It depends on the situation and how long you will be in Spain. If we do not have time to get your N.I.E number on the spot, please get it at the Spanish Embassy in the country where you currently live, the procedure and the waiting time are the same.


Do you pick up from the airport if I have a problem with getting there?

Yes, of course, if necessary, our office provides you with a transfer from and to the airport.

Do you help with accommodation on site?

We are looking for accommodation for our clients in a good location at the most attractive price.

Where do you have properties for rent in Spain from?

We often have properties for rent from our clients who have bought their dream property on the Costa Blanca with the help of our real estate agency.

What is the shortest property rental period?

The minimum period of renting a property through our office is 3 nights.

How long can you rent an apartment on the Costa Blanca?

There is no maximum rental period for a property. If the owner agrees, we can help you rent the property even for a period of several months or one year with the possibility of extension.

About us

Real Estate Marta Costa

Our team of employees approaches with passion and commitment at every stage of the purchase, from finding the right property by presenting offers on the spot, through the booking process and providing all the formalities to after-sales service without leaving you alone in a foreign country. We work with the best law firm in the area where the purchase of real estate will be pure pleasure for you and your dreams of living in sunny Spain with the help of our office will quickly become a reality.

Marta Costa

I have been involved with the subject of real estate in Spain since 2011, when I opened my first office. After a few years it turned from a small family business into a large corporation, so after 12 years of intensive work I decided to leave and return to the idea of a family office with professional advice, mainly focusing on the needs of the client. I encourage all interested parties to contact me personally, we will be pleased to help you take your first steps on Spanish soil.

Marta Costa Lerena

Real Estate Marta Costa

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