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What is worth knowing about renting? FAQ


Is it possible to book an apartment / apartment without seeing it first?

Yes, of course, if the client does not want to risk that by his arrival a given property can be sold, it is possible to book in advance to our office account in the amount of min. EUR 6,000.

Is it possible to reserve a property without making an advance payment?

In order to reserve a property, you must pay the minimum required amount in advance. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a "on word" booking without leaving an advance payment.

Does the office help in translating documents?

Our office deals with the entire procedure, including the translation of notarial documents that are necessary to buy a property in Spain.

Do you help in completing the formalities?

We provide comprehensive customer service and help in completing all formalities, from the very beginning until the notarial deed is signed. In addition, we run an after-sales service, i.e. after the purchase, we help in all matters that the client will contact us with. Our help and care will last as long as you need it. Our CUSTOMERS are always welcome in our office.

Is it better to get a N.I.E. in Poland, or will we get this document faster in Spain?

It depends on the situation and how long you will be in Spain. If we do not have time to get your N.I.E number on the spot, please get it at the Spanish Embassy in the country where you currently live, the procedure and the waiting time are the same.

What documents do I need to obtain a NIE Number?

For this purpose, we need a valid identity document, passport or ID, as well as two ID photos. You should also provide the motive for which you are applying for the NIE. Therefore, you should show a document confirming that you have made an advance payment for the purchase of the property.

Where do the properties sold by the office come from?

Our office has real estate from private owners, developers, as well as real estate from bank acquisitions.

What is the deed in Spain?

According to the Spanish Civil Code and Spanish law, a written contract of sale and purchase is in the form of a notarial deed, concluded with a notary public in Spanish. The process of preparing the notarial deed itself takes place at the time of visiting the notary public, just before signing the notarial deed. This is a generally accepted standard in Spain. It is not possible to obtain a copy of the model of a notarial deed before signing it. Besides, the functioning of the land register in Spain does not differ from the functioning of the Polish Land Register. The documents needed to complete the purchase / sale transaction are the so-called ESCRITURA, i.e. a notarial document confirming ownership and listing the owner. As described above, the very moment of signing the Title Deed does not differ much from the procedure in Poland.

What is the date of the notarial deed?

On the date of the notarial deed, we first go to the bank to write out a check in the name of the owner or developer. Then we go to a notary public, where your notarial deed is first interpreted by a Polish-Spanish translator cooperating with us. Then, in the presence of a notary public, the check is officially handed over to the owner and signed by all parties involved in the notarial deed.

Can I move into my new home in Spain before signing the deed?

The official handing over of the keys takes place on the date of the notarial deed and only after that you can move into your dream property.

Do I need to open an account with a Spanish bank?

Yes, we will open an account for you in one of the best Spanish banks. You will need an account for the purchase and then for the ongoing utility bills.

Will all fees be charged to my Spanish account?

After the purchase, we will rewrite all formalities in your name to your account number so that everything is automatically downloaded and you do not have to worry about receiving your mail.

How does the office obtain real estate from private owners?

We care about the selection of our offers, most of which are exclusive offers. We employ people who work only for our office and daily obtain offers directly from the owners to provide you with a variety of first-hand offers and at the most competitive prices on the market. We try to avoid obtaining offers in the way most Polish offices do, i.e. from Spanish or English real estate agencies operating on the market. In this way, we have first-hand offers and avoid unnecessary intermediaries, which is why our prices are so attractive and we have no problem obtaining all the documentation of the offers we sell.

Can you get a mortgage in Spain?

In many cases, you need to take out a mortgage from a Spanish bank. The loan can be obtained by residents of Spain and foreigners. At the moment, we will not receive a mortgage in Poland for the purchase of real estate located abroad. There is only one exception when real estate in Poland is the security.

How can I be sure that the offers are not mortgaged or have an unclear situation?

It is the responsibility of our office to check all available offers before publishing on our website and obtaining the necessary documentation. If a property has an unclear situation, we do not release it for sale, providing you with the maximum level of security.

How long should I travel to view the property?

3 days is enough for sightseeing and possibly one more day to complete the preliminary formalities.

How is an investment visit performed?

Knowing your criteria in advance, we arrange a visit tailored to your needs a few days before your arrival so that all offers meet your requirements and that we do not waste time on the spot watching something that may not be of interest to you.


Do you pick up from the airport if I have a problem with getting there?

Yes, of course, if necessary, our office provides you with a transfer from and to the airport.

Do you help with accommodation on site?

We are looking for accommodation for our clients in a good location at the most attractive price.

Where do you have properties for rent in Spain from?

We often have properties for rent from our clients who have bought their dream property on the Costa Blanca with the help of our real estate agency.

What is the shortest property rental period?

The minimum period of renting a property through our office is 3 nights.

How long can you rent an apartment on the Costa Blanca?

There is no maximum rental period for a property. If the owner agrees, we can help you rent the property even for a period of several months or one year with the possibility of extension.

Is it also possible to rent a property outside the high season?

Properties on the Costa Blanca are made available to you 12 months a year. If you want to spend your vacation in December, February, April or October, please contact our Costa Blanca office.

Is accommodation possible outside the office hours?

If we have to accommodate you outside our office hours, please contact one of our agents in advance, who will be at your disposal.

How is the pickup from Alicante airport?

Clients who come to buy real estate in Spain are picked up free of charge from the airport, and for rent for an additional fee.

Can I ask you to go shopping for my apartment when we arrive late at night and we have a small child?

Of course, please notify one of our employees in advance for this purpose.

We have a small child or do you have a travel cot?

We have a baby cot that we can put in any apartment for an additional fee.